Brotherhood tortured Kerdasa Department officers to death

So sorry to post this horrible video of the Brotherhood crimes against humanity …. How is that peaceful ?!!!!!!!!


Brotherhood destroyed monuments in Malawi museums

Brotherhood destroyed monuments in Malawi museums

America and the EU support those terrorists, who don’t respect our Egyptian heritage. What the Brotherhood did was not shocking to Egyptians, as these terrorist groups called for destroying all Egyptian Monuments when they were in power. But what is shocking is that America and the EU is supporting these groups, and still calling them peaceful !!!!!!!!!!!! More links about this incident,

70 Churches burned by the Brotherhood according to Egyptian Churches

More than 70 churches burned in Egypt..and counting…many injured and dead, and somehow Obama makes it seem like nothing and always addressing the Muslim Brotherhood as if they’re a peaceful organization.
What peaceful organization kills, burns churches, and sets blood banks in hospitals on fire! And Obama you want to give them human rights??? You don’t want our army to stop them, to defend the innocent people being killed??? you want us to put them back in power???Where are the human rights of the people that are being slaughtered by the Muslim Brotherhood everyday?

Here is a list of more than 40 Churches that were attacked throughout ‪#‎Egypt‬ on the 14th of August only, including description, source, and pictures.